You can now have an incredible medical tourism experience. Enjoy all the steps of your surgery in a gorgeous gateway full of history in Colombia.

Your doctor will be Camilo Reyes, M.D., world-class Plastic Surgeon, with more than 14 years of experience, top-notch facilities with the highest quality standards, highly trained health-care professionals, and the best caring service from day one.


Contact us to request your teleconsultation with Dr Camilo Reyes.


After you have had your teleconsultation you will receive your medical quote so you can now tell us the date you have planned for your surgery.


Depart from your place of origin to your destination, in this case, Cartagena.


Upon your arrival, a shuttle will be waiting for you to drive you to your hotel.


The day after your arrival, you will have an appointment with the anesthesiologist for checking pre-surgical exams.


On the day of your procedure, few hours before you must sign the informed consents and you will have a question/answer session with the doctors.


On the day of your procedure, you must arrive at the clinic few hours prior the surgery for making all necessary preparations. (See previous step)


After your surgery, you will have nursing care available for 24 hours a day.


The day after your surgery you will begin your postoperative therapy. (You will need approximately one therapy a day, for a length of ten days)

STEP 10:

After completing your therapies, you will have a check-up by Dr Camilo Reyes to discharge you from successful treatment and allow you to return to your place of origin.

STEP 11:

Return to your place of origin.

Remember that our staff will guide you throughout the whole process.
Similarly, we will follow your recovery closely through some important follow-ups.

Dr Camilo Reyes

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We perform our procedures at the fantastic Capri Clinic in Cartagena city.  Its high standards and principles in quality, customized patient care, safety, and environmental and risk management, make Capri Clinic second to none. Additionally, our partners in Cartagena city will make it possible for you to have the best recovery.

Our plastic surgery procedures in Cartagena

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