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Please attach and submit recent photos to give you a more accurate quote. These photos are kept strictly confidential:

Breast surgery: Front and lateral views

Abdominal Surgery: Front, back and lateral views

BBL: Same as Abdominal Surgery

Please tell us if you have some medical history , any diseases, medications or allergies, previous pregnancies or surgeries, also history of blood clots, vascular diseases, anemia, or infectious diseases.

We check your case throughout, Dr Reyes will carefully review your information and make sure you are an appropriate surgical candidate. You will be able to discuss your concerns to give us a better understanding of what your surgical goals are. We will give you a price quote for your desired procedures and discuss payment options.

What comes after the quote?

A $600 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your selected surgery date. This can be paid whether via bank transfer to one of our bank accounts in the United States or via Paypal. The remaining balance is due at the day prior to surgery. Once agreed and confirmed everything, we will go ahead and book the operating room and schedule a personalized appointment, simply contact our assistant via email or WhatsApp to reserve your desired date.

Please be advised that Dr. Reyes surgical schedule is very busy and he is usually booked on two to four months in advance, but depending on the complexity and length of your desired procedure, it may be possible to schedule your surgery sooner.

Patients MUST arrive in Colombia 2-3 days prior to their scheduled cosmetic procedure to acclimate if you come from America , if your come from Europe or Asia you must be in Colombia minimum 6 days before you scheduled date.

You must attend to the pre-anesthetic evaluation and a personalized appointment with Dr. Reyes, where the patient will ask inquiries that may remain unresolved.

How many days do i need to stay in Colombia after surgery?

Below is a rough estimate for necessary length of stay in Colombia but please keep in mind that every patient recovers differently.

• Brazilian Butt Lift- 10 to 15 days

• Mommy Makeover- 20-30 days

• Tummy Tuck- 15 days

• Breast Lift/Breast Reduction- 13 days

• Breast Augmentation- 6 days

• Liposuction- 12 days

• Labiaplasty- 3 to 5 days

• Arm Lift/Thigh Lift- 12 days
Local Airports


El Dorado International Airport (BOG) : Bogotá has direct non stop flight with Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, New York, Houston and Los Angeles (USA) via many airlines, and Panama ( via COPA Airlines).


Palonegro International Airport (BGA) : Bucaramanga has direct non stop flight with Fort Lauderdale (USA) via Spirit Airlines and Panama ( Via COPA Airlines) , also domestic connection with Bogota and Medellin so is very easy to reach the city from any country in North America and Europe.

Hotels and Recovery houses

We can put you in contact with some hotels and recovery house owners to make your travel even more easier

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